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I know all of the specifics of your life
The last two years have been one long dark night
The tunnel’s black and you don’t see an end
From where you’ve been

You’re worlds away (x)

I see this life like a swinging vine
swing my heart across the line






11 your 9 is showing

Uhh—no.  His Eleven is showing.  Nine was never THAT callous about his companion’s life.  He was, at times, a little bit reckless, but he was never detached.  

And here’s how he acts when he thinks they’re both about to die:

(gif by carpecapaldi, whose blog seems to be deleted)


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make me choose:

gryffindour asked: ten and rose or amy and eleven

↳ anonymous asked: doctor and rose or doctor and river

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Make Me Choose
just-tell-her-already asked: How about Journey’s End or End Of Time? (both parts of each)

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