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I’ve seen a lot of talk about the infamous barn on Gallifrey (lolllllllll) 

  • Obvs we’ll just have to ignore the fact that the sky was blue not orange, and I guess we’ll ignore the thing about them supposedly not being able to back in time to Gallifrey etc (I assume the events of the 50th have magicked away that problem, idk), but apart from those two things, I don’t think there’s much to worry about in terms of consistency? 
  • Personally I’m imagining that his parents shipped him off to a boarding school, but he didn’t want to cry in front of the others in his ‘dorm’, maybe he felt unwanted as well as ashamed for being afraid of the dark, so he snuck out to the adjoining barn to sleep in (though why the main building got destroyed and thus only the barn remains standing by the time of John Hurt’s trek across the barren land towards it idk, idk)  which I think sounds reasonable enough?
  • And if I remember correctly he’s got to be under eight at this point, way under eight really - because at 8yo he’d already be in the Academy and staring into the Untempered Schism for his initiation or w/e, right? And in Listen those people (housekeeper? boarding school workers? whoever they are) talk about the Academy as if it’s not gonna be a thing for him, at least not yet. So I reckon he’s only about five in that scene.
  • (I had thought that maybe it was supposed to be an orphanage, that they were trying to mirror Danny’s experience with the Doctor’s, give them something in common etc; but I don’t think that tallies up with all we’ve heard of the Doctor’s family history before, e.g. the born into privilege thing and the implication that his parents were alive whilst he was growing up)

Twelve/Rose AU: Rose sends Tucker an enticing gift.

Inspired by the Tucker and Rose verse by gallifreyslostson


The God of all Daleks, and I destroyed him. HA! 

Rose BadAss Tyler.


Yeah, but stuck with you - that’s not so bad.